The 15th season of The Stoler Report: NY's Business Report debuted on September 15th, 2015

September 15, 2015: The Unique and dynamic office market in Brooklyn and Queens

Highlighting New York's efforts to provide opportunities and space attractive to diverse businesses: Made in NY centers, Coworking space, helpful to non-profits and others, the panel comments on transportation issues, the need for suburban development, rezoning, and more.

Panel: Seth Pinsky, Josh Zegen, Andrew Kimball, Michael Rudin

September 22, 2015: What's Happening in the Bronx?

The Bronx is booming! with major residential and commercial development, hotels and retail. Long Island City is expanding; shops are staying in the Bronx; the health-care and hospitality industries are growing - and affordable housing is becoming available.

Panel: Joseph Kelleher, Chairman, Bronx Chamber of Commerce and President, Simone Metro Properties; Alan Suna, CEO, Silvercup Studios; Shimon Shkury, Pres.

September 29, 2015: Banks want to gain a foothold in the Big Apple

Willie Sutton robbed banks, "because that's where the money is" which makes clear why so many new banks are coming to New York City. With 8.5 million people, 85 million visitors, producing $1.5 trillion in GMP, New York is an attractive "hot economy."

Panelist: Frank Sorrentino, Richard Ehst, George Gleason, Jack Kopnisky

October 6, 2015: Looking at the crystal ball: outlook on the state of the market in 2016

Consulting a shiny crystal ball and talking with colleagues, the panel concludes that "change may be the only constant," that New York is many real estate markets: hotels, office buildings, retail, residential; that good business models, discipline in lending, and clients with outstanding records are essential to a good nights sleep.

Panelists: Allan V. Rose, Robert Ivanhoe, Peter D'Arcy

October 13, 2015: Bank Executives Outlook on the Market

Joseph Ficalora, President and CEO of New York Community Bancorp, Inc., one of the 25 largest bank holding companies in the nation, with assets of $48.6 billion and expertise in multi-family lending and Jay Sidhu, Chairman and CEO of Customers Bank, with assets of $6.5 billion, rated #1 by Bank Director magazine based on growth areas: Core Income and Net Loans and Leases present their view of the state of the market.

October 20, 2015: The Effect of E-commerce on Brick & Mortar Retail

Everyone on the program admitted to using e-commerce, at some time. Yet the group agreed that as social beings, shoppers want to be with others, touch the material, view the goods before they buy. Many internet vendors are in or searching for brick and mortar locations.

Panelist: Brad Blumenfeld, Joshua Muss, Jeffrey Roseman, Philip Rosen

October 27, 2015: Women Real Estate & Business Leaders Outlook on the State of the market

Volatility in world events and in business can be upsetting and unpleasant - even disastrous. It can also provide opportunities for greater success as analyzed by members of leading corporate institutions.

Panelist: Harriet Greenberg, Wendy Cama, Judy Guarino

November 3, 2015: Residential Development in the Region: 60,000 units & growing

60,000 residential units coming on the market raise many questions: will "condo-mania" be successful; what's the future for rentals; where are the opportunities for development; are banks lending; and taxes - what about taxes??

Panelist: Ben Stacks, Michael Stern, William Butler, Jeffrey Levine

November 10, 2015: Industry Leaders Discuss the state of the office market

Taking into consideration the large increase of office space coming on the market, owners and owner/brokers all agreed that the office market was in a "pretty good" position as we near 2016, with levels approaching 2008-2009.

Panel: Andrew Roos, Vice Chairman/NY, Colliers International; Brian Waterman, Vice Chairman, Newmark Grubb Knight Frank; Eric Gural, Exec.

November 17, 2015: Everyone wants to own commercial real estate in New York

Panel: David Schectman, Senior Managing Director, Meridian Investment Sales; Timothy D. King, Managing Partner, CPEX Real Estate Services; Ofer Cohen, Founder & President, TerraCRG. Taped 10-22-2015 The Stoler Report, Real Estate Trends in the Tri-State Region, New York's only television broadcast featuring real estate and business leaders, began its first season on television and on CUNY TV in September, 2003 (the series has enjoyed two previous seasons on radio.)

November 24, 2015; Gourmet dining goes international

Panel: Chef Jason Atherton, The Clocktower; Drew Nieporent, Myriad Restaurant Group; Michael White. (Taped: 10-22-15)

December 1, 2015: East Side, West Side, All Around Town: Residential Development in New York City

Taped at Capital One Bank's beautiful, new location - panel members focus on the health of residential development, all-around New York City - who's building, who's lending. Discussion indicates that New York is not "just one game," but different neighborhoods, with different rates of progress.

Panel: Nathan Berman, Benjamin Stacks, David Von Spreckelsen, David Kramer

December 8, 2015: Fashion Industry Survives & Prospers in the 21st century

On location at Capital One Bank's new branch, Michael Stoler and guests discuss New York's fashion industry, delivering $50-$75 billion in wholesale sales. Areas of interest included the consolidation of the industry in the tri-state area and the effect of E-commerce on sales.

Panel: Joseph Nastri, Thomas Glucksman, Richard Sutton, Michael Sacco

December 15, 2015: Leaders View on the state of market

Celebrating the opening of Capital One's new Commercial Banking headquarters, Michael Stoler and guests, Michael C. Slocum, President, Commercial Banking and Rick Lyon, Executive Vice President, Head of Commercial Real Estate discuss the wide array of businesses - healthcare, real estate - serviced by Capital One.

Panelists: Richard Lyon & Michael Slocum

December 22, 2015: Banks Want to Gain a Foothold in the Big Apple

Willie Sutton robbed banks, "because that's where the money is" which makes clear why so many new banks are coming to New York City. With 8.5 million people, 85 million visitors, producing $1.5 trillion in GMP, New York is an attractive "hot economy."

Panel: Frank Sorrentino, George Gleason, Richard Ehst, Jack Kopinsky

December 29, 2015: What's Happening on the West Side of Manhattan?

Has the epicenter of Manhattan shifted west? Is an exciting, efficient, new metropolis - a well-planned, true community of residential, commercial and retail space being built on the West Side? Any hotels? What about transportation? Is there adequate retail? Who will be living in these communities?

Panel: Honorable Eliot Spitzer, Robert Knakal, Arthur Mirante, Bruce Mosler

January 5, 2016: Metamorphosis of the Garment Center

All agree - it's not your father's garment district. It's not even called "the garment district." It's Mid-Town South - exploding with hotels, restaurants, residents, attracting the creative world-the collaborative world of young, ambitious tenants, eager for open space, high ceilings, parks, access to transportation.

Panel: Chris Smith, Peter Turchin, Michael Reid, Mark Portner

January 12, 2016: Healthcare Leaders Outlook for 2016

Panelists representing highly evolved academic medical centers, heavily invested in new technology, and dealing with new paradigms in medicine discuss their efforts to navigate an environment that is not yet clear, including such issues as increased ambulatory care, urgent care centers and more.

Panel: Andrew Brotman M.D. Andrew Racine M.D, Arthur Klein M.D.

January 19, 2016: Real Estate Veterans Outlook for 2016

His crystal apple not providing answers, Michael Stoler turns to his guests for their view of real estate in 2016, to hear: good, bad, ugly, fantastic - all of the above depending on the market you're in - condos, residential, rentals, affordable housing, commercial.

Panel:  Bruce Eichner, Ofer Yardeni, Joseph Mattone, Vincent Riso

January 26, 2016: The Investment Market in 2016

Looking into the future, panelists are moderately enthusiastic with what they see. Noting that it will be necessary "to be more creative," predicting that it will take "more time to make it" in the coming year, there is a sense that foreign investors continue to look to this country for stability in investments and that the future looks "pretty bright."

Panel: Amir Hasid, Adam Hess, Jason Mair, Will Silverman, Peter Von Der Ahe


February 2, 2016: Fathers, Daughters, Sons in a family business

If you are a member of a family business, you may find the following statistics of interest: only 12% of third generation family businesses are still viable, and by the fourth generation and beyond, only 3% of family businesses continue to exist. Members of third and fourth generation business families talk about their approach to harmony and success.

Panel: William Rudin, Samantha Rudin, Michael Rudin, Martin Meyer, Eric Meyer

February 9, 2016: The Business Climate in New Jersey

New Jersey, the Garden State, is blooming - providing a good environment for public-private enterprises, an educated work force, a variety of housing stock, attracting industry in life sciences, pharmaceuticals, financial services, and manufacturing.

Guests: Angelo J. Genova, Sr. Partner, Genova Burns; Kevin Cummings, Presidnet & CEO, Investors Bank; Jay Weinstein, Partner, EisnerAmper; Kim Guadagno, Lt.Governor of New Jersey, Tom Comiskey, M & T Bank

February 16, 2016: Navigating the maze of social security, medicare and long term care

Some suggestions as you get older: review your social security benefits when you reach 60; investigate information on long-term coverage; learn about Medicare - its basic benefits and various plans - from a professional. Seek out professional advice!

Panel: Richard Lehrer, Ash Ahluwalia, Doug Lubenow

February 23, 2016: Evolution of Crowdfuding & EB 5 Funding for Commercial Real Estate

Panel discusses the role of Crowdfunding and EB-5 Funding, unique alternatives to traditional sources of funds, in the process of raising investor capital for commercial real estate.

Panel: William Skelley, Nicholas Mastroianni II, Larry Davis, Paul Brauungart


March 1, 2016: What's Happening in Queens?

Panelists discuss the extraordinary interest in Queens, New York's second most populous county, exploring the borough's exciting growth and development.

Panelists: Josh Zegen, Alan Suna, David Brause, Caaminee Pandit

March 8, 2016: Understanding Affordable Housing in the NYC Region

Affordable Housing, Supportive Housing, Affordable Senior Housing, Veterans Housing, and Transit-Oriented Communities - community involvement, the roles of state and city governments - all part of the effort to provide affordable housing for New Yorkers.

Panelists: Jeffrey Levine, chairman & CEO, Douglaston Develop/Levine Builders; Jane Silverman, Exec. Dir.

March 15, 2016: Banking Executives Outlook for 2016: Where are we headed?

Stoler's guests consider the role of technology in the business of banking, acknowledging that banking is primarily a "people industry" and that relationships with the community must be sought out and encouraged.

Panelists: David Bagatelle, Exec. VP/President, NY Metro Marketing, Sterling National Bank; Paul Letourneau, First Sr.

March 22, 2016: The Current State of Retail in the Region

Despite the significant lack of retail in the New York area, guests considered the effects of on-line shopping when building retail. Panelists: Timothy D. King, Co-Founder, Managing Partner, CPEX; Jonathan Kreiger, Director, RKF, Bluestone Lane Coffee; Aaron Malinsky, President & CEO, Curbcut Urban Partners; Matthew Chmielecki, Sr.

March 29, 2016: Responsibility in business: Is "Legal" Enough?

Ethics - the standard of behavior by which a business operates comes from the "guys at the top," agreed Michael Stoler's guests, discussing the components of ethical behavior in business.

Guests: Larry Zicklin, Paul Roth, Karen Brennerer, Rosemary Mathewson

April 5, 2016: The Current State of the Hospitality Business

New York continues to be an extraordinary market for the hospitality industry - attracting more than 6 million visitors each year, most wanting lodging in Manhattan, some happy to explore the other boroughs. AIRBNB and some tighter construction lending is discussed.

Guests: Neil Shah, Steven Witkoff, Michael Pomeranc, Mark Elliott

April 12, 2016: Industry Gurus Discuss the State Of Market In NYU

New York continues to out perform the nation in employment and demand for goods and services. While it may be too early to comment on the 2061 office market - the general agreement is that "it's fine." Of interest is the future of Brooklyn, Times Square and other New York locations.

Panelist: Bruce Mosler, James Kuhn, Jonathan Mechanic

April 19, 2016: Impact of E-Commerce on Bricks & Morter Real Estate

Everyone on the program admitted to using e-commerce, at some time. Yet the group agreed that as social beings, shoppers want to be with others, touch the material, view the goods before they buy. Many internet vendors are in or searching for brick and mortar locations.

Panel: Jeffrey Roseman, Joshua Muss, Brad Blumenfeld, Philip Rosen

April 26, 2016: Foreign Investors Invade New York

New York real estate continues to attract foreign capital. Investors from China, Israel, Latin America, Norway, the Middle East with great interest in Manhattan and the boroughs are looking to create diverse portfolios with long term prospects.

Panel: Eran Polack, Co-Founder, HAP Investment Developers; David Kusy, Managing Director, Acquisitions, Gala Real Estate Holdings; Robert Knakal, Chairman, NY Investment Sales, Cushman & Wakefield.

May 3, 2016: Emerging Trends in Commercial Real Estate: Co-working, co-living and office sharing

Co-working, a re-calibration of what is private and what is shared, offers a sense of community and networking opportunities. Co-living is roommates, furnished apartments with landlord provided services. Office sharing matches companies that will work together.

Panel: David Mandell, Brad Hargreaves. Adam Altman, Jamie Hodari

May 10, 2016: Israel Bond Financing: A Unique Way to Finance Commercial Real Estate

The topic, Israel Bond Financing: a Unique Way to Finance Commercial Real Estate: guests from the US and Israel discuss the growing business of financing US real estate by issuing corporate debt through the Israeli bond market.

Panelist: Avraham Well, Shimon Shkury, Yaron Bloch, Keith Hall

May 17, 2016: Artisinal Food & Beverages Expand in the Region

What's happened to candy, beer, sandwiches, coffee - so that they are now described as "artisanal? Guests talk about the quality of ingredients going into their products, their experienced employees, (not robots), producing their product from scratch. Tasty and delicious to just look at!

Panel: Jen King, Nick Stone, Lisa Mendelson, Dave Plate, Andrew Jacobi

May 23, 2016: Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders View of the Market

Real estate investors and developers who have come together to consider the future of their industry express concern that pricing is too high. Each expects to feel more comfortable as the year goes on, urging colleagues to be disciplined, patient and "smart."

Panel: Brian Cohen, Sam Schneider, David Genova, MIchael Schonbraun

May 30, 2016: Residential Development in the Region

Lots of new construction is taking place all over the region. Hear from real estate developers and lenders discuss the topic and possible difficulties due to lack of tax abatement's and possible recession.

Panel: Matthew Galligan, Joe Cotter, Boaz Gilad, Matthew Petrula

June 7, 2016: What's Happening in Jersey City?

Panelists discuss the architecture, favorable land prices, proximity to New York, transportation, educational institutions, the waterfront, and the local government's approach to the growth of Jersey City, NJ.

Panelists: Eugene Paolino, Partner, Genova Burns LLC; Bernard McSherry, Interim Dean, NJCU Business School; Kenneth Pasternak, Chairman, KABR Group, LLC; Jeffrey Persky, Execuctive Vice President, Kushner Real Estate Group; Hon.

June 14, 2016: The Industrial Market

Panelists discuss commercial, industrial and retail properties and the conversion of these buildings to other uses. Access to transportation is an important consideration when developing locations.

Panelists: Franklin Zuckerbrot, President, Sholom & Zuckerbrot Realty LLC; Joshua Zegen, Managing Principal, Co-Founder, Madison Realty Capital; John Werwaiss, Partner, Werwaiss & Co.; Gregg Gerken, US Commercial Real Estate Lending, TD Bank.

June 21, 2016: Everyone wants to Live, shop, visit & stay in Brooklyn

Manhattan based developers, crossing the river into Brooklyn, some into up-and-coming neighborhoods, as well as already thriving locations throughout the borough discuss their interest in Brooklyn.

Panelists: Christopher Conlon, Acadia Realty Trust; Michael Stern, JDS Development Group; Philip Watkins, Megalith Capital Management; Brian Leary, CPEX.

June 28, 2016: Everyone wants to live, work, shop, visit Long Island

The end of World War II signaled an extraordinary population growth in Nassau and parts of Suffolk Counties. Panelists consider plans to keep "empty nesters," to attract a young population with "cool" downtowns, business opportunities and outstanding academic institutions.

Guests: Michael Maturo, Michael Dubb, Allan V. Rose, Robert Berndard

July 5, 2016: Lower Manhattan: The Place to Visit, Shop, Work & Dine

Lower Manhattan has undergone an incredible renaissance, attracting thousands of visitors and New Yorkers, many living in Lower Manhattan-to the World Trade Center Towers, the waterfront, Memorial and Museum, excellent transportation and shops.

Panelists: Eric Engelhardt, Director of Leasing, The Durst Organization; Joanne Podell, Vice Chairman Leasing Retail, Cushman & Wakefield; Larry A. Silverstein, Silverstein Properties

July 12, 2016: Major Developments Taking Place In Ridgewood & Bushwick

Manhattan's high rents encouraged development in many parts of Brooklyn and Queens. Families - mostly renters, retail and some looking for affordable office space are heading to Ridgewood (Queens) and Bushwick (Brooklyn). Future development: Sunnyside, Corona, Flushing.

Panelists: Mitchell Rutter, Tom Donovan, Barry Rudolfsky, Meir Babaev

July 18, 2016: BREXIT & Its effects on commercial & residential real estate

Effects to the United States of the UK's EU referendum - BREXIT - are discussed in terms of jobs, investments and the US real estate market in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and the mid-west.

Panel: Peter D'Arcy, Reg. Pres-NYC & Long Island, M&T Bank. Dr. Sam Chandan, NYU Schack Real Estate Institute, Joseph Harbert,  President, Eastern Region, Colliers International, Dan Flanigan, Head of Real Estate & Finance Practice, Polsinelli

July 27, 2016: The Current State of the Investment Market

Discussing new investment opportunities, panelists pointed to The Bronx and northern Manhattan - where affordable housing can still be built and as territory coming into its own. Of interest is the growing number of students, 96,000 in New York, confirming the need for student housing.

Panel: Aaron Jungreis, President, Rosewood Realty Group. Victor Sozio, Ariel Property Advisors, Dan Marks, TerraCRG, Peter Hauspurg, Eastern Consolidated

August 2, 2016: What's Happening in the Hamptons & North Fork?

The popularity of Long Island wines, many with award winning vintages, has significantly increased in the past few years, along with interest in year-'round living in the Hamptons and North Fork, offering well-built, well-finished facilities, with easy access to the village.

Panel: Steven Dubb, Principal, The Beechwood Organization; Charles Massoud, Proprietor, Paumanok Vineyards; Peter Carroll, Partner, Oliver Wyman.

August 9, 2016: The Office Market: Investmetn & Leasing

Real estate experts, with confidence in the New York City economy, discuss the future of leasing and investment in New York's office market.

Panel: Norman Sturner, President & CEO, MHP Real Estate Services; Stephen Siegel, Chairman, Global Brokerage, CBRE; Theodore Koltis, Ex. Vice President, Leasing, Paramount Group, Inc.

August 16, 2016: What's Ahead for the Hospitality Market: Brexit, Airbnb, the economy

Many issues effecting the hospitality industry in New York: changes in Europe's economy (BREXIT), the increase in popularity of Airbnb, the loss of tax revenue to the city are some topics discussed by panelists.

Panel: Larry Korman, President, AKA Hotels; Eric B. Lewis, Cushman & Wakefield, Steven Witkoff, The Witkoff Group, Mark Noto, Investors Bank

August 23, 3016: Banking & Business Executives Outlook on the Market, BREXIT & the Economy

The UK's decision to withdraw from the European Union raises questions and concerns worldwide. Panelists are cautiously optimistic, believing that the US will continue to be viewed as a safe haven for foreign investments. Of importance to the hospitality industry is the effect on BREXIT on tourism.

Panelists: Kenneth Mahon, Jeffrey Levine, Matthew Galligan, Philip Rosen