250 low-income households can win the lottery for a brand new affordable apartment in Clinton section of Manhattan

Construction is underway by the Gotham Organization for their development, Gotham West, a residential rental complex almost an entire city block between West 44th and West 45th Street and 10th and 11thAvenue in the Clinton section of Manhattan. This LEED project includes approximately 1,240 rental units housed in 4 buildings, a 200 space below grade parking garage and approximately 17,000 square feet of retail.  

The development will include a 31 story tower located on 11th Avenue with approximately 700 units as well a retail and below grade parking. Adjacent to the tower, another mid-rise building will house 297 affordable housing units available to low, moderate and middle-income families. Further east toward 10th Avenue, two 14 story building will be situated atop a platform over Amtrak train tracks and will include an additional 243 units of affordable housing.

44th Street Development LLC is offering applications for a total of 682 affordable housing rental units. A total of 250 apartments ranging in size from studio to three bedrooms are available to families ranging from one to six persons, earning between $18,892 to $48,150.  

The size, rent and income requirements for the low-income units are below:

# of Units Unit Size     Monthly Rent   Family Size     Total Gross Annual  


   96     Studio           $494-$640              1               $18,892-29,050

   85    1 Bedroom     $533-$689          1, 2              $20,263-33,200

   52    2 Bedroom     $648-$835          2, 3, 4          $24,309-41,500

   17    3 Bedroom     $743-$958          3,4,5,6          $28,115-$48,150

Applications are available for 432 rental units for moderate and middle-income families earning between $57,600 to $156,895.

The size, monthly rent and income requirements for these units are below

# of Units Unit Size     Monthly Rent   Family Size     Total Gross Annual  


   173     Studio              $1,623-$1,997       1                $57,600-$95,685

     86   1 Bedroom       $2,042-$2,509     1, 2             $72,000-$109,560

   130   2 Bedroom       $2,460-$3,020     2,3,4           $86,435-$136,950

    43    3 Bedroom       $2,836-$2,483     3,4,5,6        $99,875-$156,895

Applicants will be required to meet income guidelines and additional selection criteria. To request an application, mail a postcard to: West 45 Lottery, P.O. Box 1761 Murray Hill Station, New York, NY 10156, or download from www.West45Lottery.com.  

Completed Applications must be returned by Regular Mail ONLY to a post office box number that will be listed with the application, and must be postmarked by November 13, 2012. Applications post marked after November 13, 2012 will be set aside for possible future consideration.  

Applications will be selected by lottery; applicants who submit more than one application will be disqualified. Disqualified applications will not be accepted. Preference will be given to New York City residents. Current and eligible residents of Manhattan Community Board 4 will receive preference for 50% of the units.

Eligible households that include persons with mobility impairments will receive preference for 5% of the units; eligible households that include persons with visual and/or hearing impairments will receive preference for 2% of the units; and eligible City of New York Municipal employees will receive a 5% preference.

Posted on October 9, 2012 .